Welcome to C&J Creative Biomedical, where you’ll find medical illustrations by Caroline Caroline_ReadingJ. Kaplan, Master of Science. Here you may view more current Works or visit the Gallery page for older pieces by the artist. Either way you will see Caroline’s love for the human form in her artwork.

Whether you’re a doctor perfecting a new surgical technique, an educator looking to provide biomedical knowledge to students of any level or the general population, or a litigator looking to depict the effect of medical malpractice on your client or prove defense thereof in court or in settlement, Caroline’s knowledge of human anatomy on both scientific and artistic levels—as  a medical illustrator—will help you visually translate your story.

Caroline holds degrees in an array of areas culminating in a medical illustration degree from University of Illinois at Chicago:

  • Fine Arts, Associate of Applied Science, F.I.T.
  • Interior Design, Associate of Applied Science, F.I.T.
  • Biology/Pre-Med, Bachelor of Science, Wagner College
  • Biomedical Visualization, Master of Science, U.I.C

© 2018, Caroline J. Kaplan

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